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Puerto Rican Television Show Apologizes for Gay Slur

Puerto Rican Television Show Apologizes for Gay Slur


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“Super Xclusivo” is popular TV gossip program in Puerto Rico. Lately while talking about on atmosphere Ricky Martin coming-out as gay, the hosts of this show (a man along with his female puppet) also known as your a “pato” (a derogatory phrase in Spanish for a gay guy comparable to “queer”).

Though some everyone inside and outside the LGBT society will argue that “pato” is actually possibly not undoubtedly derogatory or perhaps not as derogatory as “maricon” (which many people would agree is equivalent to “faggot”), there were many people which were upset.

A quick impulse was installed by LGBT Latinos and pals, such as GLAAD, local ny place politicians while the Latino percentage on AIDS. Man LGBT Latino writer Andres Duque on their web log Blabbeando keeps every detail.

The Latino Commission on HELPS research that the TV section have apologized as well as the offers in the tv show produced an on-air apology. Click the link for much more details through the Latino payment on HELPS, including hyperlinks towards emails of apology and to video clip of this on-air apology in Spanish.

A clear and direct connection to HIV/AIDS occurred in the wake associated with gay slur airing. The human variety of this tv series insulted Pedro-Julio Serrano, a famous Puerto Rican LGBT and HIV/AIDS recommend, for their criticisms by referencing Serrano’s HIV reputation and sexual direction. (Blabbeando promises additional information relating to this element, I’ll pass along details).

a much less apparent but not less direct link with HIV/AIDS try battling homophobia because beating they lessens the possibility for HIV problems among LGBT everyone. Not everyone will get that, so I commend the participation of Latino fee on helps with righting this wrong.

Guillermo Chacon, the president with the Latino percentage on HELPS, absolutely gets it.