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Introducing Pub Tinder, we hope your very for example us!

Introducing Pub Tinder, we hope your very for example us!

Lamia/Lavender Beds/Ward 23/Spot 11

RP is encouraged however, excite remain ERP in a choice of party speak otherwise personal DMS. VIP is available for sale! Excite understand the bouncer ahead of the stairways! We actually hope you like the sit!

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White Fire- Light Chocolates liqueur, Blue Curacao liqueur, Bar soda, frost Sweet tooth- Vodka, mango liquid, lime liquid, Triple Sec, New Dragonfruit The fresh new XD- Jameson whiskey, Cranberry juices, sour merge Cold weather are “coming”- Vodka, Kahlua, cream, cinnamon, freeze Yellow Relationship- Vodka sample having Cherry syrup Fuzzy Peach- Peach Schnapps, Strawberry puree, mango syrup. Sunrype- Recently pushed tangerine juice, Tangerine Zest, Tangerine slice, Lime Smirnoff

Non-alcoholic: Coffee- Freshly made coffees Tea- Freshly brewed teas Fruit Juices- Newly pushed Fruit liquid Tangerine Juices- Freshy pushed Orange jucie Hot chocolates- Dissolved chocolate offered during the sexy whole milk Water in bottles- Drinking tap water taken from a superior spring season

Wintertime Charming- Hello y’all! It’s your litty kitty during the pink, Cold weather Pleasant! Banter beside me to check out your nights change from 0-100 real small! I love to RP however, as long as discover a good Elizabeth facing that 😉 see me on to the floor? Don’t be shy and you may state hi!

Xandrea Dellos- Hey, I am Xandrea.