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A Happily Married Female’s Guide To Love, Intercourse, and Closeness

A Happily Married Female’s Guide To Love, Intercourse, and Closeness

Reviews and Stories By a Happily Married (But Recently Widowed) Wife and mom on her behalf Intimate Life Including Post Widowhood

About My We Blog

I’m a middle-aged spouse and mother of two grown daughters. I became hitched into the passion for my entire life since 1984, though I’m recently widowed after his untimely death from their health conditions year that is last 2017.

I’m a former lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force having served within the 1980s at the United states Air Force Base at RAF Lakenheath in the uk alongside my hubby.

Today, i will be in expert career and achieving raised my two daughters, these are typically now both college educated and on their particular. I will be additionally a grandmother to an excellent infant grandson whom We assure every person looking over this are going to be spoiled rotten by me personally. Anything my child desires my child gets.

We reside in Houston, Texas and have always been a devoted audience and have a Master’s Degree ever sold in addition to in acounting. Everyone loves technology fiction and am probably what you will phone a Trekkie for the reason that I favor all plain things celebrity Trek. And yes, I like Captain Kirk over some of the other celebrity ship captains any of the week day.

I say all of this to exhibit precisely how normal i will be. Me walking down the street you wouldn’t have any clue as to what my husband and I get up to in our sexual lives if you saw.